No Crush, No Skipping Heart, No Kiss

12 March, 2018 to 15 May 2018, I had a job in the biggest metropolis of Nigeria, commuted to a location with the rich girls and guys for at least 45days because I worked from home on other days. Yet, I walked out of Lagos as single as I went in. Save but a friend I met on Twitter who I couldn’t even get a chance to meet!

When I got the job, I knew I was going to Lagos for one thing: to work. And my eyes were on the prize but, I never thought they would be so fixated that I wouldn’t even get a date talkless of a kiss. There were guys at my workplace and the first who I had a slight heart-skip for, happens to be of another religion so, I overlooked and didn’t make no attempt for closeness.

The other one, is a Christian. And when I checked his twitter page, he had a couple gospel messages as tweets but they didn’t fascinate me. Because, as much as this guy seemed to be the godly guy, there’s just something about him that doesn’t get down well with me.

And, he was a snub for a couple of weeks who I later posit to just be quite conservative, taking time to know his new workmates. He also seemed like he had a girlfriend. So, I took my eyes off him. Other guys at the place have great looks that do not appeal to me. They were as good as being my uncles. Hence, while I worked, I had no crush, no skipping heart, just work and mates.

Everyday, I left my dwelling place as early as 6:30am and left work within 4:00pm to 5:00pm. Summarily, I moved during rush hours and permit me to push some of the blame of not getting a date on that. As you can see, I was busy, BUSY. But, that wasn’t it. I just wasn’t that girl. I wasn’t the hot chick who dresses to kill.

I was the same carefree girl I was in college. The one who although dresses corporately, doesn’t actually dress to kill. I was just there. A few times, I even fixed my braids in the morning bus filled with other corporate workers. I mean, who finds a girl who can’t wake up very early to dress to kill even as she slays her job attractive?

Although, I’ve confronted myself with this reality a couple of times, I still can’t deal with waking up super early to make up. I can’t. My secondary school taught me to value and cherish my sleep and I do so a lot. If I don’t sleep well, I either find some time in the day (perhaps I would have graduated with a 1st class if I didnt sleep during lectures) to grab a siesta or feel jetlag all day.

Everything put together, I couldn’t get a date in 65days talkless of a kiss!

The friend I met on Twitter is a cool dude and we tried to meet. For the last arrangement we made which failed, I had fantasized and imagined getting a kiss. Really, a kiss don’t mean much to me, it’s really just been a while and it’s one thing I crave for at this moment. Yet, I should tell you that I’m very picky with the mouth I kiss.

I imagined this guy getting a hug, stealing a kiss and making the whole moment feel awkward which we both eventually got over. I didn’t imagine making out with him and neither of my imaginations happened. We did not meet! He did not steal a peck nor a kiss! And I feel pained!

I guess I really should relax more, dress more like a hot pepper, meet people and go on dates. It’s getting quite boring over here in the singledom. Just one thing; I relocated to a country side with little or no appealing guys at my end.

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