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    Transitioning into Tech

    Life to me has always felt like a field full of things to explore. I believe that with the right amount of curiosity and willingness to learn, you can acquire knowledge about almost everything in the world. Even more possible with the presence of companies such as Google and YouTube! These two big bosses of […] More

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    Finding Love, Blind Date, Domestic Violence and Age gap

    A friend once said to me, “the right man would come when you least expect him to show up!” I had just returned from work this evening when my mum informed me that she had seen a family friend of ours who asked her to have me call her as soon as possible because she […] More

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    Menstrual Cycle and Body Changes

    My first set of menstruation as a teenager ran for an average of 7 days. I would bleed heavily for about 5 days and then mildly for the next 2 days. Sometimes, for more days. Sanitary pads were expensive and there was no special allowance for this aside from the 2500naira pocket money that I […] More

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    Commitment, Cheating and Separation: A Begging Question

    I read this story recently. It was about a young individual who had a good relationship with their dad. This individual trusted their father so much, banked on him like a model and felt betrayed when they realized their father and mother would be divorcing because dad had been seeing a younger woman. This story […] More

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    Big Goals, Childhood and Moving On

    For many of us, there’s that one incidence that shapes the rest of our lives. Based on this incidence and other peculiar issues that we’ve witnessed, we make a decision, build a value or reform our thoughts. I’ve told a few persons this story but I’m going to tell it again. The scene is faint […] More