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    Save That Coochie For You And Maybe For a Worthy Sex

    Have you heard Don Jazzy, Big N and Kiss Daniel’s new song titled, My Dear? You should download it as it’s my present to you for making a trip to this post. Some time ago, I had a conversation with a friend and at some point, she mentioned, “sex for the first time.” “Sex” is […] More

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    No Crush, No Skipping Heart, No Kiss

    12 March, 2018 to 15 May 2018, I had a job in the biggest metropolis of Nigeria, commuted to a location with the rich girls and guys for at least 45days because I worked from home on other days. Yet, I walked out of Lagos as single as I went in. Save but a friend […] More

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    What to expect when on a date with a jerk

      “Not every date invitation should be honoured unless it’s for records sake.” Examinations were over in school and this birthed the dawn of playtime till further notice. As for me though, I was held back in school because of some errands I had to run before going back home for the holidays. On one […] More

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    Is it okay to develop affection for the guy next door?

    A couple of times, we’ve fell in love with someone we thought was right for us just because they were there when they were who we needed. Some other times, we’ve awkwardly been in love with the next person to us that, we weren’t able to fathom how love happened. To be more clear, you’ve […] More

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    I Thought I was Pregnant- I was 22, Without a Job and Single!

    “Oh well… I was 22 and had sex with someone; it was not a one-night stand and we weren’t in a relationship.” Fourteen days after a non-penetrative sex on a day which I thought was my ovulation day, it was salient that I reminisced on my likelihood of having a fertilized egg which was probably […] More

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    A relationship either with the opposite or same sex who is a friend in this case is usually sweet to begin but often times a lot happen as the road gets thinner and these persons get closer. So many questions begin to pop up like; “Where on earth did I meet him/ her?” “What was […] More